Petite Clothing For Women Over 50

Buying petite clothing for women over 50 can seem a bit of an ordeal. Petite women aren’t just shorter women. They have smaller arms and smaller feet. If they wear very small sizes, their shortness could get emphasized and if they wear clothes meant for larger people, they could get lost in its folds. Designers consider making dresses for petite people a real challenge. Nevertheless they cater to your choices as and when required.

Who Is Petite?

Anyone who is below 5 feet 4 inches is termed petite. The body frame is not considered at all. Tiny people are always looking for clothes that bring in an illusion of height. If it is jeans you are looking to buy, go for straight cut ones in a dark color. Choose them with care making sure you get a pair that fits well both in front as well as back. Ankle length is ideal as the feet need to show to make the legs look longer.

Slim fit jeans make good petite clothing for women over 50. They give the body a clean silhouette and make it appear longer. Never be seen wearing jeans that flare at the bottom or high-waist jeans. Also best avoided are mid-length jeans and capris that can make your body appear square.

The Ideal Dress

A dress is a staple for every woman, no matter what size or age she is. For tiny people, the best choice is a well-fitting shift dress in a single plain color. No way can a petite person carry off bold colorful prints. The ideal neck line for petite people is a sharp deep V. Avoid high necks that hide the neck entirely. Instead flaunt that tone you have achieved or the flawless skin that has the ability to make onlookers green with envy.

A favorite with teeny women is the wrap dress in a plain color. A two tone dress is not for them, though. When wearing a shirt, leave it open at the neck to make your neck look long and slender. The net will amaze you with the range of these dresses now available. There are many options for petite clothing for women over 50.

Dressing the Mature Woman

The mature woman should look for elegance and class in her clothes. Buy slim fit jackets that do not add bulk to the upper torso. Do not buy anything that goes beyond mid-thigh in length. As for sleeves, let them stop just short of the wrist. Good quality petite clothing for women over 50 will last long and offer you a wardrobe lifesaver!

Always choose well-fitting tailored clothes. It will do you good to take the advice of a well-wisher, and if you can’t really trust anyone around you, get online and mix and match in virtual time. Petite clothing for women over 50 does not have to be drab. Keep jewelery to the minimum and look for a pair of high heels. Everything a petite woman over 50 needs can be bought online.

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